Northern Nevada Chapter of CMSA

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  How Do You Become a Member?                
    • Category A: Case Manager Member - Individuals engaged in the field of case management. To qualify for this membership category, you must have a health professional degree, current license or national certification in the health or human services profession. Individual A members have full voting privileges and are eligible to hold local, state/regional, and national offices.
    • Category B: Associate Member - Individuals actively providing case management related services. Individuals who do not  qualify for the Individual A membership (i.e. do not have a professional degree, current license or national certification in the  health or human services profession) can join under this membership category. Individual B members have full voting      privileges, but are not eligible to hold local, state/regional, or national office.

Join as a Group
You can recognize your company’s employees by purchasing Individual Membership for them under CMSA’s Company Membership Program.  By purchasing these memberships under a group account, you can receive discounts based on volume.  You simply select          the level you need based on the number of employees you would like to have CMSA memberships.   Support your employees’ career and provide them the opportunity to learn more about the case management industry and have access to multiple resources and networking opportunities.

  • Local members can attend the October local conference at member rates.
  • Receive the latest in educational information and CEU’s and CCM’s for educational meetings.
  • Have a chance to network with local case managers and companies.


To apply online at: and click on membership at the top of the page.

To download the application please click here.

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